**OLD POST FROM 2015** Snow Totals Keep Climbing: As Little as 9″ to as much as 15″ of snow to Fall in Fort Wayne

**ATTENTION: This is an OLD post from 2015. This forecast is OUT OF DATE**



Courtesy US National Weather Service Northern Indiana

Courtesy US National Weather Service Northern Indiana

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Usually when people post snow maps of 12″+ of snow for our region, those images are quickly dismissed. But this? Oh, this storm is different. This isn’t our measly 2-4″ storm. This isn’t even the more rigorous 5-8″ storm. This is rich, it’s potent and it’ll be here shortly.

Where shall we start? Well first, plan on staying indoors for a while. We’re looking at an unusual amount of snow accumulation through Monday morning, so get comfortable! Also, be prepared for power outages. We’ll talk about why soon.


This has been a tricky forecast to nail down, but we’re thinking an ETA of about 10 pm to 12 am. I know this is a wide window, but with any weather system giving an exact time is not feasible. Just try to wrap up any outdoor things this evening. The snow will come in like a puppy: soft and cute with a pinch of trouble. The heaviest snow is pegged for all Sunday morning through the afternoon for the entire area (LaGrange to Portland, Warsaw to Defiance), where amounts will rapidly stack up. This is where that adorable puppy turns into a lion.

Steady snow–moderate to heavy at times–continues through Sunday evening before lightening up. Scattered snow showers continue into Monday.

Confidence level: Medium to high



A series of unfortunate events (For those who hate the snow…)

Some of the maps I have been posting are hard for some people to read, so below you will see what we’re expecting as plain as day:

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 3.09.42 PM

In some ways, this forecast map is conservative. I think from about Marion through Portland we see a little less precip, mainly due to the shift of the heaviest precip farther north. We may even see a brief rain/snow mix south, which could curtail numbers.

But if you’re north of Bluffton, this is going to be a reasonably big snow event. Probably not record-breaking big, but the biggest snow we have seen in one sitting since…ahem…perhaps 1897. Anyone out there that could tell us about that one?

Confidence level: Medium


Blowing and drifting snow will be a concern throughout the day Sunday with NE winds 10-15 mph, then ramping up to around 20 mph in the afternoon. Gusts could reach as high as 35 mph. Blizzard criteria is within reach, especially in NW Ohio, and I would not be surprised to see a headline about that.

With the amount of snow forecast, as well as high wind, power outages may be a concern. Prepare accordingly!

Confidence level: High


Stay tuned to 21Alive on Facebook, Twitter, and on the air. Also, keep your eyes peeled to the blog as I’ll update throughout the evening. I won’t make a brand new post unless we have any major developments.

Stay warm and safe! I’ll have more tonight at 6 & 11 pm. Then, Curtis will come in and update you through the night.

Matt Leach

21Alive Weather

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